Woodsy Botanics is a line of small-batch, handcrafted products derived from a love affair with all things botanical and untainted. After years of research on the efficiency and quality of natural ingredients Woodsy Botanics was born. Woodsy focuses on showcasing our environment and emphasises the beneficial characteristics of the raw, unrefined plants that we are lucky to have growing around us. A real forage and create attitude was implored to craft our products from the wonderful world of the wild outdoors. Each ingredient has been
chosen to offer the greatest purity and most abundant level of nutrients. Here at Woodsy we love our land and we want to maintain and preserve it in any way possible. As consumers we have the choice to make more sustainable decisions that pay tribute and respect our landscape. Each item is packaged in a recyclable glass bottle and all ingredients are safe for your skin and your environment.

Woodsy Botanics is an artisanal, vegan, natural skincare brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. The business is run by Gabrielle Johnson, who makes the product by hand and manufactures it. Woodsy Botanics is a part of the beauty and skincare industry which is currently seeing a boom in natural skincare sales. This growth is being driven by an increasing consumer awareness in ethically sourced products and sustainability. The growing e-commerce industry is also allowing smaller, artisan brands to get their products
out there meaning a growth in small, independently run skincare brands. 
Woodsy Botanics is trying to make natural skincare more accessible for customers so that they can start replacing other synthetic products in their home. We offer a wide range of personal products to ensure the customers needs are met ranging from face cleansers, toners and moisterises to hand and body washes, lotions and scrubs.

Woodsy Botanics is growing organically and has seen a rise in both online customers and wholesale accounts in the last two years. We look to continue this growth meaning our products are more accessible to customers from all over New Zealand. With the rise in natural alternatives we will aim to start pushing out synthetic products from the household and encourage people to make better choices with lowering their household waste (in the
form of diminishing plastic and reusing their glass bottles) and by choosing products with better ingredients that are ethically sourced and cause no harm to the environment.


Vision: To make an impact on the preservation of our environment by encouraging New Zealand households to switch to natural personal products.

Purpose: To educate our customers in sustainability, ingredient sourcing, ethical production methods and show that natural personal products can create better results for the skin than synthetic alternatives.

Mission: We will provide quality, consistent natural alternatives at affordable pricing all in glass bottles and jars that can be returned for re-use and refilling. We will work on expanding our knowledge in natural skincare to create exceptional products that provide amazing results to the skin and make the customer feel great in their appearance. This will create repeat customers ensuring that they become a part of our bottle returning process – saving one bottle from the landfill every single time. We will educate the customer in natural ingredients, give back to related community projects through work and donations, and lead by example in sustainable and ethical production methods.


Our core values are:
 Transparency – We vow to communicate to our customers why we use each
ingredient and its purpose for their skin. This will ensure they can trust that what they are using on their body is safe, ethically sourced and will cause no harm to the environment. By being transparent in all aspects of our business we will earn the trust of our customers.

 Environmental Responsibility – Our business models focuses around environmental preservation and therefore our environmental responsibility stands high on our core values. We stand true to this value by choosing ethically sourced ingredients, organic where possible, local where possible (to lower our carbon footprint) and by packaging our products in reusable glass bottles. We also reuse the cardboard packaging we get to send out our orders and take back glass bottles to sterilise them and reuse them. By using non-toxic ingredients we know that everything that gets washed into the water ways will cause no harm to our oceans.

 Quality – As we are a small-batch, artisanal brand that crafts each product by hand, quality is very important to us. We will work hard to create a reputation for consistent, quality products and will ensure that every order that goes out lives up to this. This will be done by following recipes for each product, making sure all ingredients are measured accurately and by using the same top-quality ingredients every time. If any batch falls short of these expectations it will not be sent out to customers.